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image showing hand with 5 voting stickers representing ranked choice voting

Transforming Democracy: The Powerful Pros and Alarming Cons of Ranked Choice Voting

Background Whether or not ranked-choice voting is good or bad can be as divisive as the candidates themselves. Voter dissatisfaction is incredibly high, and ranked-choice voting is increasingly seen as a possible improvement to status quo voting systems.  It seems that voters, regardless of political affiliation, are unhappy with the[…]

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Are partisan politics bad for America?

Partisan Politics: Passionate Divide Fuels Voter Surge

Politics today aren’t just partisan; they are hyper-partisan.  A polarizing political environment exists at the national and local levels.  Media coverage tends to embrace the extremes as news shows, websites and radio programs use the sensational to attract viewers.  Following politics can be exhausting, if not outright depressing. Many people[…]

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