About Us

Our objective:

Pro and Con List celebrates critical thinking by promoting an examination of opposing characteristics. Whether your goal is to gain a quick appreciation for “both sides of the story” or to develop a counterargument that shows a deeper understanding of your own position, Pro and Con List attempts to contribute to your process.

The articles on this site offer an informed perspective on a variety of issues. For some points, links to research, examples or related information are provided. In other cases, the points are the opinion of the editor. At all times, the goal is to promote further thinking, discussion and/or research.

Our Conclusions:

Conclusions are offered at the end of the end of each article because the goal of using a pro and con list is to assist with decision making. The conclusion is the informed opinion of the editor, and respectful debate is welcomed!

Feel free to comment on posts and share your own thoughts on these issues and contribute other points for consideration!